Nature bats last. (at Mill City Museum)

Browsing through popular Instagram accounts puts me in a bad place. It restores my despair in the general populace, reaffirms my faith in the near-term human extinction. We are all rushing toward our just deserts. (at Lake Calhoun)

It’s not just me, right? This is a ridiculously oversized lump of charcoal, right? (at CARAG, Minneapolis)

This season’s opera sets up in the Mill City Ruins. (at Mill City Museum)

Lunalux made cute little #booklets, in which the diligent student could practice #cursive.
#cahier #stationery #handwriting (at Walker Art Center)

How fitting, that I get a gold star for my “discipline”! (at Walker Art Center)

There are MANY books on #NorthKorea available at @hclib. These titles compose my next round of reading.

Yeah, that’s more like it. #JeremyMessersmith #RockTheGarden (at Rock the Garden)

Happy to see Herr Messersmith at #RockTheGarden. (at Minneapolis Sculpture Garden)

Hey, you know. Whatever. Not like I’m starving or anything. (at Burger King)

I have these miniature figurines, designed to look terrified of whatever you pose them near. A coworker’s young daughter arranged them so they were all fleeing the one with the pistol. Instinctively, she knew the unarmed people couldn’t feel safe around the open-carry guy, a concept gun activists can’t get through their skulls.

My landlord warned me: if I left my new #Weber grill out, other tenants would probably use it. He didn’t mention “…as an ashtray.” (at CARAG, Minneapolis)

"This city is what it is,
because the people are what they are.” - Plato
#Minneapolis #smokers (at Guthrie Theater)

Homemade #aquavit and #Fentimans tonic water: bracing refreshment. #f52grams (at CARAG, Minneapolis)

Rebecca picked up my #typewriter from the repair shop! I’m extremely excited! (at CARAG, Minneapolis)